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Help and Tips for using statewidelist.com

We tried to make Statewidelist.com as easy as we could. But sometimes you need help.

First, If you are having trouble with the site and getting errors please email me at statewidelist@gmail.com
Try to include what you were searching for, what category you searched and also the state you were searching statewide.


Statewidelist performs searches the same way as if you were on craigslist.org
Here is the craigslist.org Search Help page for more infio: http://www.craigslist.org/about/help/search

So the same rules apply for statewidelist.com

Below are simple ways to explain the advanced search features.

1) Use quotes around your search to find that exact phrase you are looking for. Below only gives ads with the exact phrase "real fast car" in them

2) Use a minus ( - ) to return ads WITHOUT that word in the ad. Below searches for: Honda s2000 without the word riced

3) Place a bar ( | ) in between words to search for any of the words to be in an ad. Below searches for: CRF450 KXF450 or 450SXF in every ad.

Thanks for using statewidelist.com!

Statewidelist.com is in no way affiliated with craigslist ™   
for feedback/comments/questions/errors please email us at: statewidelist@gmail.com

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